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Professional Parents: How to Balance Your Business & Family Life

As a parent, there's an innate desire to do everything you can to provide for your children. At the same time, being a professional and a parent can be a major juggling act. There are times when you'll have more work than you can manage, but the kids need help. ...
Mar 28

Want To Inspire A Millennial Driven Workplace, Let Them Travel

The lack of employee engagement is a real issue in today’s workforce. Smart companies are finding unique ways to drive engagement and reinforce culture. In three short years millennials will make up 51% of the workforce. Millennials have different expectations about the world of work. ...
Mar 22

Office St. Patrick's Day How-To

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated throughout the world on March 17th to pay homage to the patron saint of Ireland, who is famous for his missionary work to help spread Christianity through Ireland. Traditionally the Irish holiday consisted of going to church, and pubs were closed for the day. ...
Mar 16

Most Employees Are More Productive When They Work Somewhere Other Than The Office

It’s possible that most of your employee’s are wasting time while at work. It’s not their fault, though. An open-floor office is a jungle full of distraction, and it can be hard to get anything done in a space like that.
A new survey of 2,600 hundred people found that 76 percent of people can do better work outside of the office! Flex Jobs, a job bored focused on finding employee’s remote jobs, cited that most people found the office too distracting and that interruptions from coworkers killed productivity. ...
Mar 7

Insensitive Coworkers: When to Involve Your Supervisor?

Troublesome coworkers come in all shapes and sizes; some make sexually inappropriate remarks, others’ use humor that may not be funny to all, and some are just outright rude.  The balance lies within determining when the issue can be solved with just yourself and the coworker, or when your supervisor may need to get involved. ...
Mar 3

What I wish I could tell my boss: 'I'm terribly envious of you'

As one of only a handful of female directors in a male-top-heavy company, I notice every time you get treated differently. I know not having a parking space when the male directors do frustrates you. I know you have to fight harder to be heard. I know you work to find the best in everyone. ...
Feb 27

How Underserved Community Members Can Find a Lasting Career Path

Contrary to popular belief, computers are not taking over all the jobs in America. Interestingly enough, technological jobs are making a way for career-oriented workers to find a new way of using natural skills. Economist David Autor answers the question, “Why are there still so many jobs?” in a recent TED Talk and Bloomberg answers the question by pointing out the necessity of "pink skills" (or soft skills). ...
Feb 24

What to Know Before Moving for Your Career

When you're offered a new position in a new location, it's tempting to answer immediately. Getting the job of your dreams is what the American Dream is all about, right? Before you sign any contract though you should consider all the ramifications of the move before agreeing to a move. ...
Feb 20

Stuck In A Rut? 4 Strategies To Determine If It's Time For A Career Change

Whether you've been at your job for a few months or several years, you might feel like you're simply not getting ahead with your job. This might be a time when you want to think about changing careers so that you are happy with what you're doing on a daily basis. ...
Feb 15

10 companies prioritize gender equality in the workforce

Senator Scott Wiener kicked off The 2017 Gender Equality Challenge Forum this past Friday at the Gap Inc HQ in San Francisco. The Department on the Status of Women celebrated 10 private companies for their diversity initiatives to create equal opportunity for all genders and income levels. ...
Feb 7