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How Millennials Are Redefining Their Careers

I’ve been an editor at Chief Learning Officer for nearly four years, and people are often shocked to hear that. Many millennials would have already hopped a few times by now. On the other hand, many have been unemployed for much longer. It’s a strange time to be starting your career. ...
Dec 14

Job Seekers: 4 Ways You Can Reinvent Yourself

If your current job doesn’t fit you, and you’re yearning for a shift, don’t despair. It’s easier than you think to move in a new direction.
First, you need to realize that the sexy stories about overnight transformations and lightning bolt flashes of insights are just that: anomalies. ...
Dec 9

The Job Search Tip Introverts Hate (But Desperately Need)

No matter how talented, skilled, or educated you are…if you’re an introvert, you’re at a bit of a disadvantage in a job search.
I am not an introvert, but I speak to a lot of them, coaching them through the process of getting a new job. ...
Nov 30

6 steps to prepare for a Skype job interview

There’s a fair chance that on your next job interview, you won’t even be sitting in the same room with your future boss.
Some 71 percent of employers now use real-time video interviewing when seeking new employees, according to Futurestep, a Korn Ferry company. ...
Nov 21

6 Salary Myths That Are Killing Your Earning Power

No, HR doesn't need to know your salary expectations upfront.
You’re not alone if you’ve ever accepted a less-than-awesome job offer hoping that it would pay off in a raise down the line, or felt pressure to state your salary expectations in an HR interview upfront. ...
Nov 15

Do You Need a 'Device Detox'? Learn How to Disconnect in Order to Connect

If you’re reading this, you’re probably “all business.” Me too. Most of the time. I spend months out of the year traveling and coaching business owners all around the country on how to improve themselves, grow their businesses, and grow as human beings as well. ...
Nov 11

The Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

In the workplace, health and safety regulations are paramount to the well-being of the employees and the employer. Many hazards are present in today's work environments, and it's the employer's job to keep their employees safe from these hazards. It's a job that is so important that there are occupational safety standards and regulations set by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). ...
Nov 7

Are You in a ‘State of Stuck’? Here’s How to Win the Battle Against Inertia

Momentum is key to business growth. When you’re moving forward and good things are happening, it can feel almost effortless; one action leads to the next and you’re achieving results at a rapid pace. Your motivation results in concrete actions, and you’re getting what you want out of your life and your business. ...
Nov 3

This career has the best work-life balance…

Everyone with a job is looking for that perfect work-life balance, but some industries tip the scales better than others.
Data scientists, search engine optimization managers, talent-acquisition specialists and social media managers have the most work-life balance, in that order, according to a report released Tuesday on the careers website Glassdoor. ...
Oct 27

4 Resources for Assembling Your Business Dream Team

4 Resources for Assembling Your Business Dream Team
Successful businesses begin with a vision and a team of innovators. Few business succeed without a team of skilled and driven entrepreneurs. Creating a startup dream team is a lot harder than it sounds. ...
Oct 24