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Should You Disclose Health Conditions to Your Boss?

Do you wonder whether a health issue should be disclosed? Do you tell your boss all the details or keep your chronic health status secret?
I recently received an important question from a listener with a chronic heart condition. He wondered how much he should reveal to his employer about his condition, considering he sometimes needs to take time off. ...
Oct 18

How a Management Role can Help you Lead in Research and Development Breakthroughs

One need only look at the success of athletic teams with charismatic and able coaches to see what great leadership can bring to an organization. Leading others is not simply a matter of telling people what to do. It is a continuous process of inspiring the people who work for you to grow and learn so they can get better at what they do for your team. ...
Oct 14

7 Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

There is a difference between a job that pays the bills and a fulfilling career. We wondered why the distance between our job and our dreams is often so wide.
The world has changed, technology has been revolutionized several times over, and yet our hiring process still resembles the way it was back in the 1970s. ...
Oct 10

Looking for a Job While You Are Employed

How to Job Search Without Jeopardizing Your Current Job.
Many career experts believe you are better off looking for a job while you are employed. That is because employers generally find job candidates who are currently working more desirable. ...
Oct 6

My High-Powered Job Gave Me a Complete Nervous Breakdown

Your secret fear became my not-so-secret reality.
Tell me if this sounds familiar: In my late 20s, I thought I had the world by the tail. I was hustling at a very big-deal job, dating elite men whenever I wasn't at the office, and always racing to keep up with my important, fast-paced life. ...
Oct 3

10 Things Bully Bosses Do to Cause Lawsuits

On the website I promised that since I’m a defense lawyer by day, I would bring you the latest legal information “from behind the lines.” This topic is one of the seminars top employment lawyers provide for their biggest corporate clients. ...
Sep 29

My boss told me my co-worker is getting fired. Do I warn my colleague?

My boss told me that my friend and co-worker of more than 20 years will be fired next week – and asked that I not tell her or any other employee in the company what is planned. Do I give her hints of the action coming her way, let her prepare and risk my job? Or not tell her and risk losing my friend if she finds out that I knew before the firing?
Well, if your boss has specifically told you not to tell her or anyone else, then I think your way is clear. ...
Sep 27

Why One Executive Says Your Cover Letter Is More Important Than Your Résumé

Today, a résumé scan or quick Google search can seemingly tell you everything you need to know about a job candidate: where they went to school, their work history, any major awards or achievements — the list goes on.
But no matter how in-depth your résumé — or its online equivalent — is, it's not enough to tell your whole story to potential employers, writes Lauren Nelson, a communications specialist and VP at Aesthetic Cogency, in a LinkedIn post. ...
Sep 23

Hispanic Heritage, Culture and History

As America’s largest growing ethnic group, about 60 percent of people of Hispanic descent have type O blood compared to 45 percent of Caucasians and 50 percent of African Americans. Type O is the blood hospitals need most.


With 329 million native speakers, Spanish ranks as the world's No. ...
Sep 21

How to Actually Dress for the Job You Want

We use the phrase all the time—but what does it actually mean for you and your real, actual job?
"Dress not for the job you have, but the one you want" practically sounds like a bible verse at this point. Dreams of sharp three-piece suits and pristine shoes to go with your corner office are great, but what if your boss shows up to work in nothing but a bomber jacket and jeans every day? Here's how to dress your best at work without making your colleagues—or the person in charge whose job you're gunning for—uncomfortable. ...
Sep 19