How To Help Remote Workers Feel Included During Holiday Festivities

Remote employment can be a boon to employer and worker: The worker is freed from the cost and hassle of commuting, while the company saves on providing workspace for the employee. But during the team-building holiday season, how can HR managers make sure "remote" is just about physical distance and not the relationship between employer and employee?
With telecommuting on the rise, ensuring that there is no disconnect is going to become a more common task for HR managers. ...
Dec 5

Want to Project Confidence in the Workplace? Don't Make These 5 Communication Mistakes

In the world of business, appearing insecure to clients, colleagues, and superiors is the kiss of death. People want to do business with those who project confidence, and they shirk away from those who second guess themselves.
It is important, therefore, to ensure that we are not subconsciously apologizing for our power in the way we communicate with others. ...
Nov 30

The key to the HR Revolution: Capacity

It is time for an HR revolution. For far too long we have been dismantled and outsourced, denied the respect we so rightly deserve, and suffered an incredible backlash when we try to solve the issues of our constituents.
In my view it’s no longer sufficient to review our organisational models or the sophistication of our systems to solve these problems. ...
Nov 21

3 Ways These Green Companies Are Promoting Healthy Workplaces – and How You Can, Too

A formalized, measured employee wellness program makes a maximum impact, but even small steps can create a fitter work environment.
Mental and physical health are like heads and tails: two sides of the same coin. Whether it’s a lunchtime run or our weekly office yoga class, at my cleaning supply company Method, I like to sneak in a workout whenever possible, and I encourage my team and colleagues to do the same. ...
Nov 15

A Checklist for Success in Hiring Employees

How to Recruit and Hire the Best
Want to recruit and hire a superior workforce? This checklist for hiring employees will help you systematize your process for hiring, whether it's your first employee or one of many employees that you are hiring. ...
Nov 7

The Importance of Health and Safety in the Workplace

In the workplace, health and safety regulations are paramount to the well-being of the employees and the employer. Many hazards are present in today's work environments, and it's the employer's job to keep their employees safe from these hazards. It's a job that is so important that there are occupational safety standards and regulations set by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). ...
Nov 4

Why is Diversity Important in Recruiting and Retention?

Diversity is important in recruiting and retention. It’s no doubt that employers want to hire the best people for their company. While skills are a valuable asset in the workforce, diversity must be a priority as well. By including diversity in a company, the recruiting and retention rates are more successful because it puts a company at a competitive advantage, there is greater productivity and engagement, and increased customer service. ...
Nov 2

Are You Pushing Your Team Hard Enough?

Leaders often struggle with the dance of when to apply pressure to teams to ensure great work, and conversely, when they should pull back in order to foster room for autonomy and growth. In an effort to strike this balance, leaders can give their teams – and themselves – whiplash. ...
Nov 1

Halloween Celebrations Can Lead to Scary Situations

Forget about witches, ghosts and vampires. Some of the scariest things HR professionals might face on Halloween are inappropriate costumes, safety issues and an overabundance of sweets.
Potential pitfalls are largely preventable, experts say. In deciding how—and whether—to celebrate Halloween at work, employers should consider the organization’s culture and its approach to diversity, as well as office traditions and customer impact. ...
Oct 27

Temporary Employees

Temporary Employees Help Organizations Deal with Seasonal Customer Fluctuations.
Temporary employees are hired to assist employers to meet business demands yet allow the employer to avoid the cost of hiring a regular employee. Sometimes, it is the expectation of the employer that if the temporary employee is successful, the employer will hire the temporary employee. ...
Oct 25