5 Easy Ways for Job Seekers to Clean Up Their Online Reputation


One of the first things hiring managers and recruiters do when they get your resume is do more research about you by turning to the web. The speed and simplicity with which anyone can post negative information about you online on a social media site, a blog or forum presently makes many job seekers vulnerable to attacks on their reputation by outsiders.


Maybe the malicious and damaging information is not a result of enemy activity but a product of your own making, for instance, a video you posted about a bachelor party or a blog post about something socially frowned up on. The numbers of creative but dumb things people do on the web are many, but some can affect your future career prospect when your reputation is at stake. It is therefore important to carry out online background check to determine the status of your internet reputation by doing the following things.


Investigate the Web


It is not hard to carry out an online background check about your reputation. According to FindPeople.com, almost every adult has a trail that can be searched through an online background check and public records search. To find out what is already out there about you, simply do a Google or any other search engine check. If you find something objectionable about you posted by a friend on a social site or blog, politely request then to remove it.


Scoop Up the Damage


When you are conducting an online background check and you come across damaging information, mark it for further action. Alternatively, you can sign up for Google Alerts so that you can receive notifications anytime information is added about you. This will allow you to take corrective action.


Bury the Damage


If you did something stupid in the past and you want it covered, you can bury it underneath good information. One way of doing that is to start a blog in your area of expertise and post worthwhile material. Publish your posts on guest blogs that enjoy high reputation


Clean up the Mess on your Profile


Critically look at what you have previously posted on various sites and remove any videos, comments or photos that could be damaging. Avoid use of swear words, heavy slang and poor grammar. If any exist, remove them from your profile.


Avoid Stupid Talk


One way of ensuring that your reputation online remains impeccable is to avoid engaging in trash talk. Winning an argument online may give you momentary satisfaction, but according to The Street, the damage on your reputation may last long if your friends hit back at you negatively.


Protecting your reputation on the internet means taking early responsibility by being positive and proactive. Always take the high road.



Rachael Murphey