4 Great Career Fields If Your Leadership Skills Are Above Par


Some people are natural-born leaders, and you may be one of them. If you believe that your leadership skills are above par, there are many exciting career paths that you can choose. Here are four of the best career choices for people with strong leadership skills.




Strong leaders often make great nurses, and you can play a vital role in health care by choosing this profession. From assisting doctors to giving patients instructions about their care, your strengths will be highly valuable in this career. You may even be in charge of supervising other nurses who will look to you for guidance. Being a strong leader will help you make quick decisions that could save the lives of patients who face emergency situations. The Duquesne University School of Nursing states that you can also use your leadership skills to help foster more cultural diversity and inclusivity in your work environment.


Health Care Administration


Here is another opportunity in the health care industry where you can put your leadership skills to use. You’ll be responsible for overseeing a health care system for a hospital or hospital network. Many of your job tasks will be more clerical-related. This career gives you the power to help ensure that all patients receive the proper care. You can attend an accredited school and earn a master in healthcare administration degree to start working this field.


Law Enforcement


Becoming a police officer is a great way for you to use your leadership skills to enforce laws. It will be your job to arrest criminals and issue citations to people who are caught breaking the law. You may also need to enforce the rules of the road to keep drivers safe. Responding to emergencies and working odd hours will also be necessary. If you’re fair and ethical in your conduct, people will likely look up to you and respect your position as an authority.




This broad career field involves you running your own business. You can choose to either open a brick-and-mortar location to house your business or run everything online. Entrepreneurship allows you to be your own boss but comes with great responsibility. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to hire the most qualified employees and make important company decisions. Forbes.com lists the accounting, business consulting and home health care industries as being among the most promising for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Being a strong leader will open doors to career options that are rewarding and beneficial for society. With the right training, you can enter any of these fields and put your leadership skills to the test.

By: Hannah Whittenly


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