4 Perfect Majors if You Want a Career in Humanitarian Work


If you're seeking a career that gives you the satisfaction of helping others, you have quite a few options. There are many careers that help you make a positive contribution to the world. If this is your goal, you should consider one of the following four majors that prepare you for a career in humanitarian work.


Master of Arts in Diplomacy


The world of diplomacy and international relations has changed quite a bit over the last few decades. Today, one of the biggest areas in this field is cyber diplomacy, which deals with issues such as cyber security, protecting the nation from cyber-attacks and creating effective online government structures.


A degree such as a Master of Arts in Diplomacy will qualify you for working in this exciting and essential field where you can help keep the nation secure.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering


Civil engineers help to build essential structures such as roads, bridges, power plants, sewer systems and more. There is currently a great demand for civil engineers who specialize in green and environmentally-friendly projects.


A degree in environmental engineering will prepare you for this type of career. If you're concerned about helping to safeguard the environment, an environmental engineering degree will put you in a position to help build the greener world of the future.


Doctor of Nursing Practice


The healthcare industry offers many ways to perform humanitarian services. Nursing is one of your best choices if you want to work directly with patients and make a positive impact on their health.


There are many nursing programs. However, for the best opportunities in this field, you might consider a degree such as an online Doctor of Nursing Practice. With a DNP, you have the chance to become a leader in the nursing profession.


Master of Nonprofit Management


One of the best types of careers in humanitarian work involves working for a nonprofit organization. There are thousands of such organizations that provide assistance in many areas.


With a degree in nonprofit management, you can learn essential tasks such as managing and raising funds for such organizations. You can then specialize in an area that's of concern to you, whether it's helping the homeless, finding a cure for deadly diseases or helping to deliver disaster relief.


These are some of your best choices for a successful career in a humanitarian field. You don’t have to choose between helping others and helping yourself. A job as a nurse, environmental engineer, manager in a nonprofit organization or diplomat allows you to make a good living while also improving the world.


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