4 Smart Ways to Make a Professional Impression in Your Current Workplace


When interviewing for a job, everyone knows that first impressions matter. However, that positive impression must be maintained once you start working there permanently. If you do, you will likely see success and career growth. If you don’t, your career will likely stagnate. Try these four smart ways to make a professional impression at your workplace:


Improve Your Attitude


A positive and helpful attitude will make you more likable. This will improve your interactions with other employees and make you more pleasant to be around. You should also work on adopting a more professional self. This consists of owning up to your mistakes when you make them, not shifting blame onto others and keeping all interactions business-appropriate. Your attitude will also determine whether others take your ideas seriously. If you can communicate them in a positive way, your managers are more likely to be interested. If your attitude is poor, bossy or undiplomatic, your ideas are less likely to be implemented. This can sour your mood further, leading to a vicious cycle. Don’t fall into it.


Improve Your Appearance


As unfair as it may be, people do judge you based on your appearance. One of the first things you must do after becoming employed is assemble a work-appropriate wardrobe. Dress professionally and put care into your appearance, such as your hair and nails. You will not present a good image if your fingernails are yellow and gross and your hair looks unwashed and uncared for. Any dental work you need should also be taken care of by a quality Salt Lake City dentist or one wherever you may live. This could entail teeth whitening or putting in an implant to replace a lost tooth. Doing so will make you prouder of your smile and more likely to show it off throughout the day. Others will respond better when you smile.


Remain Productive and Punctual


You are there to do a job. When you consistently do that job well and in a timely manner, it shows that you are a professional, dependable employee. While it is important to work quickly and efficiently, never let your performance suffer because you are trying to get something done fast. Missing deadlines will occasionally happen, but you must do everything in your power not to make a habit of it. If you always make your deadlines and produce good work, you will be a more appreciated employee and far more likely to get promoted. Always be on time. Doing so will show that you care about other people’s time and can manage your own time well. Do not take sick days unless you truly need them. If you call in sick frequently, you will be seen as flaky, dishonest and unreliable.


Follow Office Etiquette


Every office will have slightly different rules. However, there are some general rules of office etiquette that are observed everywhere. Always use your cell phone sparingly, if at all, for personal use. Clean up after yourself in the kitchen. This includes utensils you may have used or food you have left in the company refrigerator. Learn how to write a professional e-mail and have a welcoming, helpful persona over the telephone. Respect your co-workers by giving them the space and quiet they need to work. Don’t be a constant distraction by always talking to the people around you. Be aware of smells you might be bringing into the office, as they can be magnified in a tight space. Some people are allergic to various scents, so it is often best not to spray on anything too strong.


It’s not hard to make a good professional impression, but it does require some work. Try these changes and work on bettering yourself. You will likely see a change in how you are treated and perceived at work.


Hannah Whittenly / Freelance Writer

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