5 Careers Dying to Hire More Women


Women have come a long way in the workforce. According to the United States Department of Labor, 47 percent of the labor force of the United States is female. This is a massive increase when compared to the workforce of past decades. While a lot of progress has been made by women in the labor force, there are still many careers that have a ways to go. Below are five jobs that are dying to hire more women.


Ruby Developers


Thanks to things like smartphones, cloud computing, and driverless cars, information technology is more critical than ever before. One of the most essential sectors of IT is programming. Studies have shown that women may be better at coding than men despite the fact there are very few women in the industry. One programming language that needs more programmers is Ruby, and female Ruby developers are in short supply.


Police Officers


Statistics published by the Department of Justice suggest that only 13 percent of police officers are women. Police officers are some of the most important professionals in any jurisdiction. More female police officers would make a big difference for many communities.




Another one of the most crucial technology fields is engineering. For people to have access to amazing technology that can improve their lives, that tech must first be developed and designed by engineers. Sadly, women make up 20 percent of engineering graduates but only 13 percent of engineers. A significant difference could be made if more of those students pursued those careers after graduation.


Cyber Security Specialists


As more of the world becomes intertwined with the internet, the dangers for citizens, businesses, organizations, and governments increase. Hackers, identity thieves, malware and viruses pose real threats that could wipe out thousands or even millions of dollars in value. Despite this, very few women become cybersecurity specialists.


IT Managers


These days, a good deal of the profitability of companies is tied up in their computer systems thanks to things like big data and e-commerce. Many companies need to have IT managers to help make sure everything regarding a company’s network and computer systems is running smoothly. Sadly, very few IT managers are women.


Women have made a lot of gains in the workplace in recent years. Still, many careers do not have as many female professionals as they could. If you want to make a difference in the workplace, consider the jobs listed above as well as others that need more women.




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By: Eileen O'Shanassy

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