5 Careers With Great Employment Outlook for Women

The economy is starting to recover and job opportunities for recent college graduates are much better than the last decade. Certainly, this is true for women college graduates too. However, some professions offer the female college graduate more long-term benefits and career advancement. Generally, those college graduates with a degree in construction or the STEM fields are way ahead of the game. Those women acquiring extra training in the lucrative fields are more likely to receive equal pay on a scale with men and make a good income throughout their career.

Computer Science UX Designers


A few years ago, the computer science field was booming. This hot STEM field attracted a wide variety of male college graduates. Today, the field is hungry for women or men that are knowledgeable UX Designers with a degree in computer science, programming or graphic design. These computer experts test new software product usability.

Research Assistants


Recent women college graduates with a degree in engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, are in high demand at major research centers across the country. Most of the opportunities are entry level but lead to a chance for great career advancement. Generally, the research assistant has education, interest, or training in the area chosen.

Construction Management


The construction industry has long been male-dominated, and this trend continues today. Typically, women have shied away from this track because of unattractive physical demands and the constant danger of construction accidents. However, with modern equipment to mitigate the heavy lifting and increased safety standards, as well as management philosophies that play to the unique strengths of humanistic women makes this track increasingly attractive to graduating women.


Database Managers/Computer System Managers


The typical worker in this computer career has earned a degree in computer science, information technology, or another similar field. Their primary duties concern, keeping watch over the database programs for a large corporation or governmental agency. The database manager or computer system manager oversee large volumes of data information that is maintained electronically. They must have a keen eye for detail and the ability to analyze data. 

HR Managers


HR Managers were once in a career that seemed about to be phased out of existence. Certainly, this was due to the recession that reduced the need for professional HR Managers to oversee recruiting, hiring, and training new staff for an organization. Today, the demand for a professional HR Manager has increased to meet the demand for experts in hiring. Generally, the HR Manager has earned a degree in Human Resource Management or Communication. This is an excellent career choice for women that like interacting with people. 


Certainly, it is never too early to start thinking about the career that you would like to pursue after graduation. The 5 careers here have the greatest employment outlook for women. If you are looking for a lucrative career and you need some help getting connected with the right work environment, post your resume with us today and start your occupational journey today!


By: Rachael Murphey