From Talent to Career: 5 Reasons to Get a Degree in Graphic Design


Do you have an artistic side? Maybe it's more than a "side"; maybe you're 100% artist--born to rule the Adobe suite. However, talent and your personality may not be enough to birth a prolific, prodigious career. Obtaining a degree in graphic design can help transform your passion and talent into a real livelihood.

"Hold on," you may be thinking. "A lot of great designers and animators never got degrees. Why should I?" Today, we'll look at how courses in graphic design will give you an essential base of knowledge and skills you'll need as you build your graphic design career. Here are five reasons why you should get a degree in graphic design.


1. It's in Demand!


A degree in graphic design positions will give you a leg up in a competitive industry. A poll of advertising and marketing executives found that an incredible 52% had difficulty finding highly-skilled creative professionals. A degree can turn your talent or artistic inclination into a finely-honed skill that will make you indispensable in your future career.


2. Finding the Perfect Niche


One benefit that schools for graphic design offer designers is an opportunity to "niche down". In the global marketplace, a specialization is often a necessary strategy to survive. Many artists and designers consider themselves "jacks of all trades" until they find their direction by pursuing a specific degree. Because graphic design courses will allow you to try out different techniques, you may find out that you really love a specific area such as animation or even game design.


3. Knowledge and Business Advice from Graphics Professionals


Chances are you've spent your time honing your art skills--not focusing on the ins and outs of the business side of graphics. You'll build a better career if you even out the deficiencies in your knowledge. You need to learn how to find clients, and how to meet their needs. For artists and designers with the vision, but not the direction, the systematic and methodical approach to graphic design will provide a firm foundation.


4. Variety of Learning Options


We definitely understand that artists are independent spirits. As such, they don't always respond to a traditional school environment. If online learning is more appealing to you, you can likely find several courses or even full degrees that you can obtain without ever stepping foot on campus.

On the other hand, you shouldn't entirely rule out the collaborative possibilities and creativity that can be inspired by spending time around other talented artists. Countless great art projects and even rock and roll bands have emerged from the meeting of minds that occurs in art programs.


5. Image-Based Social Media has Won


Social networks are hugely influential; even a casual glance at trends shows that text-based networks like Twitter are beginning to fail, while graphics-oriented platforms like Instagram and Snapchat (now simply "Snap") shows that images are essential to today's communication. With a degree from one of the top schools for graphic design, you can position yourself for a career in this increasingly important (and competitive) industry.


Finding the Right Program for You


While it's true that many designers found their success on their own, owing to their talent or "moxie", we hope you've at least considered the competitive edge that a degree in graphic design can give your career. You can gain invaluable knowledge and start to develop the mindset that will build a successful career in this increasingly in-demand field. We wish you the best of luck turning your artistic talent into a career.


By: Lizzie Weakley