5 Tips to Enhance Your Resume


Your resume is the most powerful tool you have when it comes to landing the job you're seeking. To keep your resume out of the dreaded pile of rejects and boost your chances of employment, implement these five tips. 


1. Tailor Your Resume to Each Job


To make the hiring process more efficient and weed out unlikely candidates, companies use a keyword search. Because of this, it's vital that you tailor your resume to each job that you apply for. For example, if you're applying for a job as a line cook, you'll want to include restaurant related keywords and leave out irrelevant experience. Also, remember that the little details such as font, spacing, and color matter. If you're applying for a more artsy company, play around a little with using blue or green headings and different font styles. Keep it black and formal for the more high-profile business jobs.


2. Only Include Relevant Content 


More is not always better. Only include content that is relevant and useful to the interviewer. No one has time to comb through a three-page report listing your life's work and volunteer history, complete with all your accomplishments. Your employer likely doesn't care that you were on the high school basketball team. Also, omit any information that is unnecessary and unfavorable to you unless your interviewer inquires for more details. Mentioning the reasons behind leaving past jobs is unprofessional and looks tacky. 


3. Avoid Stale Descriptions 


Avoid passive speech or labels. Instead of listing innovative thinking as one of your qualities, describe that time you applied a new marketing technique that led your team to bring in over $100,000 worth of sales in a single pay period. Mentioning specific figures is also a sure-fire way to grab the interviewer's attention.


4. Spell-check Until You Are Blue in the Face


Read your resume out loud, read it to your pets, read it to your friend, read it to anyone who will listen and then read it again by yourself. Ask a grammar-savvy friend to proofread a few times through as well. 


5. Keep Your Summary Interesting and Brief


Summary statements are a tool that allow you to grab an employer's attention and pique their interest. Make your statement interesting, relevant, and brief. Avoid over generalization; it'll just send your resume into the pile of lonely rejects.


As you apply these five tips, always make sure to keep it professional and personal. Especially if your network is small, your resume may be your only chance when it comes to landing your dream job, so invest the necessary time into it.


By: Claire Stewart