Becoming a Tradesman: 4 Essential Skills to Excel in the Field


Tradesman come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Hard trades include electrical work, welders, auto mechanics, builders, and more. It doesn't matter which trade one specializes in. Customers are always looking for some key traits to be found in their hired tradesmen, in all areas of hiring.

Safety Knowledge
No matter what particular field you specialize in as a tradesman, it is up to you to always be kept informed on the latest breakthroughs in on the job safety. All requirements for keeping yourself and those you work with out of harm's way ought to be covered before you even consider touching a single tool in your roster. Experts at companies like Burnback Welding Equip Services are a prime example of a company who takes safety of their technicians and customers seriously.

Superb Communication Skills
There is a reason why "communication is key" is thrown around so much to describe any kind of relationship. Business is an area of life where communication can make or break a tradesman. You can be the best at what you do but if tasks are not being delegated correctly or if instructions are not handled to the customer's specifications, troubles can arise that will directly affect the relationship of trust between business and customer.

Natural Problem Solver
Not all solutions to an issue that a tradesman will face can be found in an instruction manual. While manuals can be useful tools, such as those used to reach OSHA standards in the hard trades, not all situations can be found in a book. That is where a natural sense of problem solving comes into play. As a tradesman, it will be up to you to draw from past experiences in order to deal with current situations. If there is something broken that needs to be fixed or replaced and you are able to figure out some alternative solutions to fix them, that is a great sign of an expert tradesman. Troubleshooting is a type of problem solving skill that is essential, no matter what your main trade of interest.

Concentration on Customer Service
At the end of the day, a business is a business. High quality customer service should never be overlooked by a tradesman of any level. Hard trade companies ought to try and go above and beyond for their client base. It is, after all, quality by word of mouth that helps gain and keep loyal customers for years to come.

So many traits are regarded as desirable for a tradesman to possess. You can be a natural leader or someone who just likes to do a good, honest day's work. What customers really want in a tradesmen and what will help you to excel in your field are always one and the same. Good technique should always be backed up by quality traits in a trades person.


By: Lizzie Weakley