Been Demoted at Work? What You Can Do to Boost Your Career


You may feel as though you work hard in your position on a consistent basis, so it can be stressful and even heartbreaking when you learn that you are being demoted. In many cases, a demotion comes with a decrease in compensation and benefits, and this can create unexpected financial stress for you to contend with. While you may need a few days to get over the emotional shock of being demoted, you should then carefully explore your options to decide how to proceed.


Go Back to School


Some people are demoted because a more qualified individual works at a lower level in the company. This individual may have an advanced degree in a related field, and you may not have this level of education. Going back to school can help you to be more qualified for advanced positions in your field. Some people also use this opportunity to change fields entirely by pursuing an unrelated degree in an area that interests them.


Earn a Certification


Another option to consider is to obtain a certification or extra training in your field. This may help you to rise in your current company or to get qualified for new job opportunities. In addition, getting a certification can help you to feel more confident about your education and skills after dealing with the emotional blow of a demotion.


Look for a New Job


Being demoted can leave a sour taste in your mouth that is difficult to overcome, and the best idea for some may be to leave the company altogether. Your experience in your previous position may qualify you to work in a similar, rather than lower, position within another company. In some cases, the new position may offer a higher salary and better benefits, so you may actually benefit in the long-run.


Understand the Law


Unfortunately, discrimination may have played a role in your demotion. It is helpful to learn more about Title IX and to understand how this law protects you. Seeking legal representation can help you to fight back against this injustice. However, even if you pursue justice through the courts, you may still want to explore some of the other options discussed here as well.


When you devote so much time and energy to your job, a demotion can seem emotionally traumatic. It is important to assess the situation carefully before you decide how to proceed. Carefully think through each of these options to determine the best course of action.


By: Hannah Whittenly