Bridle Your Passion: How to Make What You Love Work for You



When the ink is dry on a college degree, it is important to clearly see all of the facets of that college education. There are ways to bridle your passion and to learn how to make what you love work for you throughout your life. No matter what your college major may be, there is so much more to it than what you see on the surface.


Explore Your Passions


When you become deeply embedded in a career choice, it is easy to miss all of the "other" possibilities that can bring a heightened sense of passion to a variety of channels of interest that lie within your career specialty. For example, a chemist is a chemist, right? Wrong. The subject of chemistry can extend far beyond Petri dishes, flame ionizers and chemical equations. For example, many chemists become technical writers for various scientific groups. Here is an opportunity for chemists to expand their horizons based on their career experience and knowledge. On a more local level, many chemists arrange with museums and library to present interesting programs to the public. This is how to make what you love work for you.


Is Technology Your Passion?


It is difficult to miss the ever evolving world of technology. If your career choice is robotics, an online MBA in technology management after you receive your undergraduate degree can lead to many exciting career paths while letting you explore career opportunities from the workplace itself. It could even lead to managing a plethora of exciting and innovative projects, like robotic teams who develop today's most important technologies for NASA and others in the aeronautical, scientific, engineering, medical, biomedical, computer and industrial safety equipment industries. It is easy to imagine the extensions beyond the robotics degree to developing hi tech robots for a broad range of uses. If your passion is all things robotic, make what you love work for you as a robotics hobbyist. In this way, you can combine your deep interest in this career choice with the ability to make presentations to students and at public forums to expand interest.


A Passion for Your Work


It is important to know that all careers eventually become rote that needs the addition of mental challenge. This is why it is imperative to create branches from the "tree" of your chosen career. With an MBA in technology management, the options are virtually limitless to pursue interests beyond "work" duties. One way to define the extended career usefulness is to join groups and associations with like interests. Passion is inspired by new ideas and the ability to see beyond career lines.



Written By: Kara Masterson