Charitable Mind? How to Start a Successful Non-Profit


Running a nonprofit organization is a wonderful way to make a positive impact on the world around you. Many people feel frustrated by events and situations that are seemingly beyond their control, and it can feel empowering to finally step up and take action in different ways. Now that you have decided to start a nonprofit organization to improve the world in some way, you may be wondering what it takes to move forward with this plan.


Choose a Cause


The first step to take is to determine which cause you want to support. Some organizations are very focused on a specific cause, such as breast cancer research. Others, such as a general cancer awareness organization who have professionals with their healthcare administration degrees at the helm, may have a broader focus and a less defined reach. Your cause should have special meaning to you and should be something that you personally feel passionate about.


Develop a Public Relations Strategy


As a next step, spend time developing a public relations strategy. This will be your primary plan to raise awareness about your cause, such as through educational television commercials. It may also focus on advocacy, seeking political support, raising funds for specific causes or needs and more. The development of your strategy will have a major effect on how beneficial your organization is. Consider asking a volunteer with public relations experience to assist you with this process.


Find the Support You Need


Support for your organization may come from financial donors as well as volunteers who donate their time and skills to support your efforts. You must effectively raise awareness within the community to solicit individuals for donations and volunteerism. Social media is a great way to get the word out about your financial needs and volunteer opportunities for specific events or for ongoing needs, and you can also use radio ads, newspaper announcements, and more.


Raise Awareness


Marketing will play a critical role in the success of your organization. This begins with the development of an effective website, and it may continue with the use of social media marketing for education, support, donations, event announcements and more. You can also use t-shirts, bumper stickers, billboards and a wide range of other marketing options to spread the word.


Remember that your organization should be set up as a legal entity as well as through the tax system as a non-profit. You will also need to follow ongoing compliance rules in order to maintain your nonprofit status. While it can be challenging to run a charitable organization, it also can be incredibly rewarding.


By: Hannah Whittenly

Hannah / Freelance Writer