Five College Majors Designed to Break the Glass Ceiling


More people are pursuing college degrees today than ever before. Investing in a college education pays off in the long-term for most people because for many careers—though not all of them—a bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement even to be considered. According to Connections College Prep, getting a college education is more important now than it used to be. Back in the 1940s, only 13 percent of the population had attended college, and only half of those had graduated with a bachelor’s degree or above. Over the intervening years, however, college attendance has ballooned to 60 percent of the population.


One study showed that a college degree can increase people’s lifetime buying power by a million dollars. Colleges and universities have seen a significant increase of young women enrolling in their institutions due to more opportunities being made available to them. Women are no longer restricted to nursing, teaching, social work, and other pink-collar work. They are now able to enter almost any profession if they possess the skills and knowledge. Choosing a college major that was not previously female-dominated can help women break glass ceilings and bring social change to the United States.


Colleges Majors that Can Help Women Break Glass Ceilings


1. The Sciences


Throughout history, men have been given most of the attention in the science field. Most of the renowned scientists (e.g. Einstein, Galileo, Hawking, etc.) are men. Science is still a male-dominated field, but now more women are entering the field. Science is a subject that includes many sub-branches (e.g. biomedical, chemistry, physics, and astronomy). Many people do not realize that psychology is actually a science. A lot of colleges and universities are now offering psychological science or a bachelor’s of science in psychology to have the classified female-dominated major under the STEM category.


2. Technology


Society is now revolving around technology. Humans are always seeking to make life easier and receive instant gratification. Communication, work, and education now function off of technology. When people visualize a computer wiz, they often visualize a man. Women entering the field of technology can lead to even more innovation in technology because they can bring their perspectives to the table.


3. Engineering


Engineers are all about how things work. There are many different types of engineers (e.g. civil, biomedical, electric, knowledge, etc.), and there is a demand for all of them. Women can fill up many of the available positions.


4. Mathematics


Many women want to run for the hills when they hear the four letter “M” word. However, changes in instruction are now recognizing women’s needs. Many women are capable at math; they just need more time to work on problems and repeated instruction. Women should take advantage of the progress being made in mathematical instruction and consider going into a mathematics-related field. Numbers can be fun; therefore, a career in math can be as well.


5. Business


Business requires both logical and creative thinking. Women tend to be more creative than men; therefore, they can bring their creative approach to the table, which can lead to the success of a business. Women can also know how to target a business or product towards the female demographic.


Women Can Do It


Rosie the Riveter said, “We can do it.” There is no field that a woman cannot enter, and there is no subject that is too difficult for a woman to master. Hard work and motivation will enable women to break glass ceilings in many fields that were previously male-dominated. Every woman who enters a previously male-dominated field is one more crack in the glass ceiling.


By:Eileen O'Shanassy


Eileen O'Shanassy is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Flagstaff, AZ. She writes on a variety of topics and loves to research and write. She enjoys baking, biking, and kayaking. Check out her Twitter @eileenoshanassy.