Fresh out of College? 5 Ways to Find Your Dream Job


When graduating from college, students feel a sense of pride but also concern. In a competitive job market, just having a diploma isn’t enough. You need to have desirable skills and not be afraid to market yourself. Here are five ways to find your dream job after college.


Start Early


Even if you haven’t graduated yet, you can still get started on your job search. Research jobs in your desired career field as soon as you can. This will give you an important advantage, as you will be on the radar of employers well before others start sending out resumes. Take a couple hours per week to research and apply for jobs. Explain that you are currently pursuing a degree and show how passionate you are about kicking off your career.




To find a career, you need to get your name out there. Networking allows you to forge connections that are critical to your professional development. It can be done at official networking events, such as job fairs, but it doesn’t need to be so formal. Networking can be done at gatherings with friends, at the supermarket, or anywhere else. You just need to be willing to let others know you’re looking for a post-college job.


Boost Your Resume


Does your resume tell a compelling story? Even if you don’t have a ton of professional experience, you can still convince employers that you’re qualified. You should list any relevant information, such as subjects studied or volunteer work. Have at least one other set of eyes look over it to see what could be edited or rephrased.


Learn to Write Cover Letters


Once you’ve got your resume looking exceptional, it’s time to work on your cover letter style. You should explain your professional development up to this point and why you would be qualified for this particular position. If you’re not sure what skills to highlight, consider taking an MBTI test to have your attributes put into words.


Hone Your Interview Skills


Getting a job interview is a cause for celebration, as it means you’ve successfully shown an employer that you’re a serious candidate. Researching each company extensively, conducting practice interviews, and taking deep breaths will help. Even if you don’t get a job, the interview experience can be great practice.


Your first job after college might not be your dream job, but it can be an important stepping stone. Even if it isn’t perfect, you should stick with it and build up your resume. Make yourself known as a dedicated employer and continue expanding your knowledge. The more effort you put in, the closer you can be to your dream job.


By: Lizzie Weakley