How Technology Has Changed 4 Top Career Fields Within the Last Two Decades


Since the advent of the internet and personal computer, almost every industry has changed in some way. As industries change, so do the careers within them. Modern job seekers need skill sets and talents that are very different from their counterparts of 20 or 30 years ago. Here are four of the top career fields that new technology has drastically changed.


Supply Chain Management


As the global supply chain has grown more and more complex over the past several decades, the need for supply chain managers has increased greatly. These professionals coordinate the sourcing of parts and raw materials from around the world for use in manufacturing and other production sectors. Today, supply chain management is changing once again as 3D printing becomes a more common manufacturing technology. This technology has the potential to drastically simplify current supply chain networks, meaning that it is a technology managers in this field need to stay abreast of.


Medicine and Healthcare


Perhaps no single industry has changed more in the past 20 years than the medical industry. New technologies, particularly in the fields of robotics and machine learning, have allowed modern doctors to pair their own expertise with intricate computer systems to achieve optimum results for patients. At the same time, new advances in chemical engineering technology have revolutionized the pharmaceutical side of the healthcare industry.


Law & Court


When it comes to the legal system, very little has changed over the last 200 years or so of American history—other than some changes in the law, of course. We have lawyers, juries and judges today, which is pretty much the same as yesterday. Where exactly does technology play a part? For starters, criminals can now be judged without even physically being in the same court room with the judge. This isn’t common and is usually done for quick DUI cases or whatnot. It’s also done via teleconference so that the judge and person can see each other and talk things out. Another part of the legal process that has been recently changed by technology are the transcription procedures. Back in the day, lawyers used to have to telephone in transcript orders and getting what they needed could take weeks, months, or years. Now, however, they can use various transcription services, like those with Caliber Litigation Services, to get what they need so that they can better support their cases.




As the internet has grown larger and larger, it has become increasingly common for websites and even social media platforms to make money from hosting advertisements and marketing materials. Today, every internet user is shown product recommendations, ads and video testimonials for products several times each day. By taking marketing from its traditional mass-media roots and into this brave new world, digital marketing firms have skyrocketed brand awareness and allowed even smaller companies to compete with giant firms.


Technological change in the past 20 years has occurred faster than at any other point in human history. With these changes, career fields and industries have also changed drastically. As the 2010s wind to a close and the 2020s appear on the horizon, we can expect continued development of disruptive technologies and continued change in existing career fields.


By: Hannah Whittenly