How Underserved Community Members Can Find a Lasting Career Path


Contrary to popular belief, computers are not taking over all the jobs in America. Interestingly enough, technological jobs are making a way for career-oriented workers to find a new way of using natural skills. Economist David Autor answers the question, “Why are there still so many jobs?” in a recent TED Talk and Bloomberg answers the question by pointing out the necessity of "pink skills" (or soft skills).


But with the advancement and continuity of those jobs comes the need for the community to be able to access them. Here are a few ways for underserved community members to create lasting careers.


Take Advantage of Library Computer Classes


Regardless of whether a job applicant has access to a desktop or smartphone, computers are readily available in your nearest library. Take advantage of library events that have free computer classes. Even if you think you know the basics, go anyway because the instructors will more than likely be able to show you something new that could come in handy for later job use. If there are courses on certain software programs (ex. Microsoft Word or Excel), take those, too.


Learn How Web Statistics Work


Whether for marketing jobs, digital jobs or even finance jobs, all clients want to know who is visiting their website, how to track their social media and what online users are reading when they get there. This is why analytics sites come in handy. Take advantage of all of the free online courses that Google Analytics readily offers to teach people how to learn online reporting. Some companies will even require that people be certified in Google Analytics for any digital-based job.


Read More, Out Loud


From elementary school to adulthood, reading helps people become better writers and speakers. Hearing yourself speak out loud (recording devices via smartphone or digital mobile recorder) will help you learn how you sound to others and improve where needed. This is a common practice for people who may not speak a native tongue (ex. English). Sites such as help to improve speaking skills for everyone from non-native speakers to those who suffered from speech-related illnesses, such as a stroke.


Consider Freelance Work


Even if a job doesn't immediately become available, with access to a computer, it may be easier to get freelancing gigs on sites such as Textbroker, Upwork, Fiverr and Craigslist gigs. Staying consistent in your field by taking on gigs is far better than resume gaps with no activity. Even if transportation is not readily available in certain neighborhoods, working online requires no travel.


There's pretty much no way around computer advancement. But with these tips, soft skills may lead to long-lasting employment regardless of a fluctuating economy.


Written By: Anica Oaks