How to Hire Employees Who Will Drive Customers to Your Business


Your employees are going to be the foundation of your company, and their skills and traits could make or break your business in the coming years. Spending a little extra time on the hiring process will have an excellent return on investment and reduce your employee turnover rate. Here are a few tips that can be used to help business owners and their HR teams find world-class employees who will drive up sales.


Focus on Personalities


Hard skills such as programming are extremely important in many different positions, but you also need to focus on an applicant's personality and demeanor. Even if they have all of the right qualifications, they will most likely not be able to bring in new clients if they are not able to make a good impression on your HR team. Many hard skills can be learned in a short period of time, but having a compelling personality is something that is much more difficult to nurture.


Delve Into Their Academic Background


Even employees who are not directly working with customers can affect your company's reputation. For example, if the applicant got their occupational safety degree online or at a physical institution, then you know that they're going to put the safety of both your customers and your employees first. Places that have a lot of accidents tend to build a bad reputation, and that keeps customers at bay. So take a look at their education. It might not even be exactly what you’re looking for, but you should always think “How can this degree and experience benefit the company and how can it benefit the customers?”


Be Clear With Your Job Listings


Business owners often underestimate just how important their job listings truly are. Vague or misleading listings are not going to bring in the talent that will push your company forward. Spending a little extra time explaining what you expect from your employees and the responsibilities of the new position will weed out many of the second-rate applicants. You should also try to be clear about your company's culture and how your business focuses on customer satisfaction.


Interview Their Previous Employers and References


A lot of times, recruiters won’t take the time to take a serious look with an applicant’s references. However, this can be a very important thing to do. Out of their references, make sure to call at least one previous employer. You may even want to try sitting down with them in person if they’re local to you. Getting to hear what previous employers have to say about your applicant is very important. Don’t just ask about his or her performance, though. You should also ask about how that individual impacted the employer’s company as well as how they interacted with customers and clients.


Hopefully, the above advice will be beneficial in helping you to hire employees who will bring in more customers to your business. After all, your customers and clients are the whole reason why your company can even exist.


By: Hannah Whittenly