June is LGBT Pride Month


            President Barack Obama declared June LGBT Pride Month. This month long celebration represents how far we have come as a nation in accepting diversity. To ensure that your company is promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace, here are some ways to celebrate LGBT Pride Month this June.


Promote the History


Throughout the month of June, companies can educate their employees by distributing newsletters and emails containing LGBT history. Teach employees that June was chosen in correlation with the Stonewall Riots, which occurred on June 28th, 1969, and is considered by many the beginning of the modern LGBT right movement. Sharing such history serves as a reminder to employers and employees of the major strives taken towards ensuring tolerance and diversity in the workplace today.


Review Workplace Environment


LGBT Pride Month is the perfect remind to review your company’s environment to ensure that tolerance and inclusion is being promoted. Check whether your company’s health coverage is LGBT inclusive, meaning does it provide coverage for things like transition-related treatment? Do your company’s policy manuals include anti-discrimination clauses for LGBT employees? Along with a company’s policy and coverage equality, remind all employees that your company is a diversity-friendly company and will not tolerate discrimination, exclusion, or insensitivity from one employee to another. Allow for employees to give feedback on how they feel the company is handling LGBT equality within the workplace.


Share Events


Most companies have a break room or gathering area where flyers can be hung. During June, post flyers for events celebrating LGBT Pride Month. Encourage employees to attend events to celebrate the month with either coworkers or non-work related friends. This not only makes employees aware of events, but again emphasizes the company’s stance on LGBT acceptance. Along with promoting outside events, companies can create events like movie screenings at the office or LGBT Pride Month bar trivia after work hours.


Strategic Partnerships


There are many ways that companies can get involved and show financial support during LGBT Pride Month. Take LGBT Pride Month as an opportunity to join or promote strategic partnerships with LGBT rights organizations. Partnership can show a company’s support and boost fundraising efforts within the LGBT community. If a company does not wish to enter a partnership, but still wants to donate to the cause, they may sponsor a team or event serving the LGBT community.


As you can see, there are many ways a company can celebrate LGBT Pride Month within the workplace. It serves as a great opportunity for companies to reinforce their stance on tolerance and diversity in the workplace. It is up your company to decide how you will celebrate LGBT Pride Month this June.


Written By: O. Greendyk