Tech Networking: 4 Great Ways to Market Your Tech Expertise


If you want to land your dream job in the information technology field, then you must learn to market yourself so that you appear that much more desirable to potential employers. Although you might not know how to get started when it comes to promoting your skills, the following tips can show you how to get started.


Social Media


If you want to attract the attention of potential employers, then using social media is a great option. You must, however, create a separate account for your job search. Always include keywords related to your field so that you can increase your exposure. For the best possible results, you can follow local technology companies and answer questions asked by their customers so that you can get attention and establish yourself as an expert.


LinkedIn has established itself as the premier social media site for job seekers. Not only can you get recommendations from your peers to prove your skills, but you can also write blog posts and add other content that can help establish you as an expert in your industry. Don’t forget to join and engage with groups in your industry to increase your networking reach.




If you want to have the best odds of finding a job in your field, then you must network with everyone because job leads can come from unlikely sources. Stay in touch with your old classmates and offer to keep each other informed about potential job openings. If a friend or relative asks for help with their computer, then let them know you are looking for positions in your field.


Tradeshows for technology can be a great place to introduce yourself to local companies and inquire about open positions. And even if the company representative you are talking to says there aren’t any positions currently available, be sure to keep that contact information so you can touch base later on. When you do approach people trying to build new connections, try not to be too overbearing, hard-salesy, or rehearsed. Networking means building relationships, so it’s best to make a personal connection rather than just give an empty pitch.


Be a Salesperson


Think like a salesperson when you are creating your resume; this means researching each company to which you plan to apply and learning as much as you can. If an item on your resume does not speak to the needs of the company, then remove it. Consider yourself a solution to their problems and present yourself accordingly. If possible, identify their most pressing challenge and communicate how you will solve it for them. Being a salesperson means being a problem-solver: you must identify any hang-ups that are preventing the “sale” and resolve them. Doing the proper research is central to being able to understand what problems they may have and how you can solve them.


Further Your Education


The world of information technology is always evolving. So, no matter your current skill level, furthering your education is one of the best ways to improve your marketability so that you can stand out from the competition. A master’s in information security can augment a bachelor’s in computer science and other comparable degrees.


Marketing yourself as a solution will give you much better results than simply searching for a job. The slight difference in your mindset will make you stand out in a positive way. But don't become discouraged if you fail to notice results right away, continuing to network with as many people as possible. Thinking like a salesperson and always working to enhance your skills will help you land a job faster than you once thought possible.


Written By: Anica Oaks