Textbook Trauma? 3 Enjoyable Hands-on Careers To Consider


The academic grind isn't for everyone. Wanting to find a way through life that doesn't require a graduate degree doesn't mean you can't cut it in the real world - it means that you understand that some of the most lucrative job opportunities out there involve trades. If you're looking for a way out of the classroom while still being able to make a future for yourself, you might want to consider one of these three hands-on careers.


Mechanical Engineering Tech


Do you love machines and engineering, but don't want to spend your days in front of a computer? If so, you might want to consider becoming a mechanical engineering tech. These are the people who focus on the practical side of mechanical engineering, bringing the engineer's designs into the world. While it may not make the same amount of money as an engineer, the job has tremendous earnings potential. If you're looking to make money with machines, this is a great career to consider.


Contracting and Repairs


Who do you call when you need help fixing a leak or remodeling your kitchen? Generally, you call a contractor or repair specialist, like those professionals at Stevens Roofing Corporation. These individuals have the training and tools to take care of homes and they are always in demand. Contractors tend to have no upper end on their earning potential, especially if they focus on an area of specific complexity. It does take time to learn these trades, but doing so can pay off in the long run.




While it's certainly possible for you to learn how to go to school to learn how to cook, some of the best chefs in the world came up through various kitchens. The best part about going into food service is that there are always openings. Advancement can be time consuming, but it's available to anyone who is willing to put in the hours. Working in a kitchen gives you a number of great real-world skills and will allow you to make a fantastic living if that's your choice. The more you learn on the line, the more valuable you will end up in any kitchen.


You don't have to live in a classroom to end up with a great career. If you're willing to look at a hands-on trade, you can have a financially secure career that will help you to lead a rewarding life. There are many paths towards your future, so make sure that you take the path that makes you happiest when you wake up in the morning.


By: Emma Sturgis