The Pursuit of a Lifetime: 5 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job


You are employed, yes, but do you enjoy what you are doing. Research conducted shows that nearly 70% of employee countrywide never enjoyed their job. There is a view that after the studies, employment comes as one acquires a wide range of skills that can be used in many different sectors. However, consideration is never made on the inner happiness of the whole job. In addition the locals have little skills in the understanding the methods that can be used to land in your dream job. Your level of education or experience you should not be factored to hinder you from the progression of the career. You only require some strategy and search to see you through to your lifetime career. Unfortunately, as many persons are unaware of these tips. The article will provide six test proven methods that will instantly land you to your dream job.


Internet Use


The use of internet in networking serves to see that you get you your life dream job. The internet provides an opportunity to have online friends that have similar interests as yours. You can get the friends from various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other site that encourages social life. Once logged, you will have an opportunity to chat with recruiters in the field, experts or any other persons of any question regarding advancement of your career. The information is essential in the laying of your career objective. You get to learn the unique skills that you ought to possess to progress in your career. Besides, you can follow the online friends where you get notified of any posts they make. The advantage of it is, you can find your dream job post. Your closeness with an online friend may make you get the upper hand as he will already have learned some of your characters. Also, networking gives you an opportunity to meet different persons who have advanced in their careers; the long cycle, you make will ensure that you have almost all the ground contacts of the places vacant.




Getting your dream job is a process. You have to pass through different job ranks till you advance to your intended level. Patience and persistence is the guiding factor to your dream job. Focus on sharpening your posts rather than promotion. High skills will help you raise the rank from a mere employee of the organization to the head. Continuing in the same body will make its trust in you and hence determine your ability which will make your dream job possible to attain. Quitting locks your ambition to progress which hinders your career development. A failure should be an opportunity to learn and improve on the sectors. If you give up, it means in later years you will most likely be in the same position as you are and there are high chances that you will make a similar mistake to the one you made. Hard work, faith, and eagerness to learn will lead you to the perfect job.


Special Skills


Work skills are the basic thing that you will need to land in your dream. To have the skills that are needed you need to enroll in reputable institution. If you are in UT and ID you can enroll at Stevens-Henager College where you will get a world class degree in business, technology, healthcare among many others. Identify your special characters. That is, you should determine your weaknesses and strength. Determination of the two sides will mark a milestone towards your career advancement. You can learn this based on your achievement and failures. The history plays a vital role in the determination of your personality which determines your abilities. The unique skills that you possess help propel you in advance in your career. Organizations and job recruiters track the individual characters as they have a significant role in job performance.


Sharpen Your Skills


Some jobs are education, skills based. Hence, to land them you must have ascertained qualification. For your dream job to become a reality, ensure that you have the right skills for the jobs. The skills may be either get from the learning institutions or experience in the job place. Improvement of the same will make you fit in your career.


Update Your Resume


A resume gives the background information of a person. An up-to-date resume attracts your employer as it acts as a reflection, answering the questions of why you are best to get hired. A well-drafted resume will make you showcase your professional ability. Your resume should be relevant, specific will emphasis on your skills.


With these tips, you will be on your path to achieving your intended dream career. The tips will help you to be competitive in the market, which is a requirement for all those who need to have a dream job. Following the tips should make you have an easy time in making career choices that will have a significant reward.


By: Lizzie Weakley