What It Takes to Feel Comfortable When You're Working Away from Home


Myriad issues face the business traveler. Some of them have to do with dealing with technology logistics. Others relate to accommodations and travel. Still others, revolve around keeping extra stress at bay. If you have an upcoming trip, chances are you’re beginning to feel anxious for all of these reasons and more. However, your next business trip doesn’t need to cause you trouble. Here are four ways you can feel comfortable while you’re working away from home.


1. Technology Helps


If you’re working away from home, chances are you’re relying on a lot of technology. You may need to carry a laptop, camera or video equipment, and other items. There are a couple of steps you need to take to be prepared.


First, talk to the airlines about any kind of equipment restrictions they have. For example, there is talk that future flights could restrict or forbid laptops and other electronics. Find out if this is the case. If it is, formulate an alternative plan for the transportation of these items. If they’re still permitted, but with restrictions, ask about those.


Additionally, you want to set up a cloud-based storage system on sites like DropBox or Google Drive in case any of your equipment gets lost or stolen. Before you leave on your trip, upload any trip-related files to these secure sites. Then, keep passwords to your storage sites and email account/s on a stored password site like Dashlane or True Key.


Most of these sites only require you to remember one password, the one you use to access the site. All of your other passwords are saved within the password vault. This can get you up and running again should you lose your equipment, but still need to work. You can borrow or rent equipment and keep on going. While still stressful, the situation would be worse if you didn’t have access to these files.


Finally, be sure to check out some communication apps and technologies like Skype or Google Hangouts. These technologies allow you to call home for cheap or for free. Being able to talk to your loved ones while you’re on the road makes your trip feel less lonely.


2. Making Yourself at Home


If your trip takes you away from home for an extended amount of time, think about going with some sort of extended-stay living situation. Some hotels, like Holiday Inn have extended-stay apartments. These come with kitchenettes, dishes and utensils, and other amenities.


If you want something along those lines, but a bit homier, look for businesses that provide flats. If you’re in England, for example, you could look into corporate housing in London. These types of living arrangements put travelers in apartments, townhouses, or private homes. They have the amenities of the extended-stay hotels, but give you more of an impression of home. This gives you a chance to experience the city you’re visiting as a local would, making your business trip feel more comfortable.


3. Personal Touches


Regardless of where you stay on your trip, you’ll feel even better if you have a few touches from home to bring along. These can’t and shouldn’t be big due to luggage-space restrictions. That said, bringing along items like some small framed photos of family, your sketchbook and pencils, or even a stash of essential oils in a pretty carrying case can make your bedside look and feel like home.


Additionally, Mashable recommends that you make your “home” work space separate from your living space. Nothing makes home feel more like the office than letting these two areas bleed into each other.


4. Keeping Routines


Millions of people go on business trips each year. That’s a lot of disrupted schedules. If you’re going to be one of those business travelers, do everything you can to maintain your regular schedule.


For example, depending on where you’re staying, you’ll want to make arrangements so that you can continue a workout routine. You’ll also want to know where you can find breakfast out or where you can find the ingredients to cook for yourself. If you start your day with meditation or yoga, be sure to continue that practice.


By the same token, follow your same bedtime routine. Maybe that means reading a few chapters in your favorite novel or soaking away your cares in a bathtub. Whatever it is, sticking to a routine as much as you can helps you to feel more comfortable and less stressed on your trip.


Going on a business trip disrupts just about every aspect of your life, making it difficult to work and live without stress. However, you can take steps that will allow you to feel more comfortable and even to thrive while you’re away on business. Practice one or all of these suggestions when you’re on your next trip to see an immediate improvement in your outlook.


By: Hannah Whittenly/ Freelance Writer