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8 Do's And Don'ts When You Apply For A Job Online

That’s why I’m offering eight Do’s and Don’ts to effectively guide you through the process of applying for jobs online:
5 Things to Do When You Apply for a Job Online
Here’s what you do want to do when you apply for a job online:
1. ...

Eliminating Detrimental Distractions in the Workplace

We all know how easy it can be to fall in to the grasps of distractions at work. There’s Facebook, Instagram, the latest cat video on YouTube, chatting with Carol in the break room, the distractions are endless. No matter how good you are at tuning them out, it is not possible to remain focused every second of every day at work. ...

The Ins and Outs of Networking

The general consensus of career professionals is that successful networking has the potential to make one’s career. In today’s competitive career world, it is all about who you know and how they can help you. Networking can appear in many forms: attending an event, forging connections with co-workers, supervisors, or higher-ups, or even randomly running in to and making a connection with a noteworthy professional. ...