Global Dominance: 7 World-Changing Ways to Help Your Run a Successful International Business


Running a successful business on an international scale does not happen overnight. It starts with building a successful business in the domestic market where you live. For some people, it starts with a small business that expands over a number of years. When your business reaches people in other countries, you have a bigger agenda to take care of, and you cannot go in without a plan. Learn seven ways to succeed in the global market of your choice.

1. Focus on Specific Countries

There are hundreds of countries that exist, but do not place all of them on your target list. Based on your sales data, zero in on the specific countries and regions that bring in the most profits.

2. Study the Consumers

Once you find your targeted countries, learn more about the consumers in general. Review the news and multimedia to learn more about their interests, beliefs and culture.

3. Contact the Customers

Once you have made enough sales, contact the customers directly. Send feedback surveys to gain better insights into their current and future buying habits.

4. Focus on Global Marketing

The marketing techniques that work in your own country may not work in others. Social media is very popular in developed countries, but not as popular in impoverished countries where Internet usage is minimal. Direct mail marketing is generally more effective in certain parts of West Europe than in the Middle East.

5. Gain an International Education

Knowing your global audience means knowing more about international affairs. Gain more knowledge in a course of international affairs in business, economics, marketing or culture. Find a range of top international affairs graduate programs to supplement the education you have.

6. Understand Global Currency and Finances

Pricing is the main factor that determines whether or not people buy your products. The economy that affects the prices of goods is unpredictable in any developed or developing country. First, use the correct currency to sell to international customers and then understand the economic affairs.

7. Invest in Research

While running an international business, you continuously research everything from price fluctuations to marketing techniques. Not knowing about current events in certain countries will reduce your ability to conduct business there.

Dedication is the main quality to have for anyone to grow a global business. Dedicate your time to learn more about your international audiences and the new arena you plan to enter.


By: Lizzie Weakley