The 5 benefits of having a friend who works in HR

Life has its ups and downs, and when you get into trouble it can be very helpful to have friends who are doctors, lawyers, and accountants to help you out. But how about a friend who works in human resources?


1. Interview training
Those who suffer from job interview stage fright should be grateful to have a friend who works in HR to practice with. After going through intensive interview drills with a HR practitioner, even the most timid candidate will turn into a confident interviewee.


The friend from HR can also share tips and insights on what HR professionals do to challenge candidates, as well as the perfect way to handle those challenges. If you want to be fully prepared for job interviews, talk to your friends who work in HR.


2. Professional CV editing
Your HR friend is able to help you create the perfect CV. HR practitioners go through so many CVs a day, they are in the best position to create a great CV guaranteed to capture the attention of hiring managers.


3. Free labour law consultation
“How much is my severance package worth?”; “I have given my employer one month’s notice, when exactly is my last day?”; “My boss does not allow me to do …. Is it against the labour law?”


Instead of getting an official but hard to understand reply from the Labour Department, talk to a friend who works in HR. He or she will be able to provide the best insights along with practical solutions to resolve the situation.


4. A good listener
HR practitioners are known to be great listeners.  They listen to employees complain at exit interviews, and listen to disgruntled colleagues complain about the boss, co-workers, clients, their spouses, and life.


If you have a problem, your friend in HR is there for you. Unknown to many, like a mental health practitioner, a HR practitioner can play a key role in preventing tragedies.


5. Strong personal network
HR practitioners are familiar with professionals from different sectors because they have to interact with all the departments within the organisation. If you have problem your HR friend is not able to handle, he or she will be able to refer you to the right person who can help you out.