Working Construction: 5 Keys to Maintaining a Safe Work Environment


Construction work can be quite gratifying, but it can also be quite dangerous at the same time. For those working in this important industry, maintaining a safe work environment is often key to arriving back home safe and sound at the end of each day. In that same spirit of safety throughout the greatest of construction endeavors, here are five important principles to maintaining that safe work area on the job-site.


Maintain and Utilize PPE


PPE, or personal protective gear, will absolutely save you from injury and even worse. It will also save your employer as well as the job-site contractor from huge fines courtesy of random OSHA site inspections. Don't just use your protective gear, though. Maintain a stock of it, and check it regularly for damage and disrepair.




Communication is every bit as life-saving as the use of good protective gear. This means communicating with other crews on the site working in close proximity as well as maintaining constant communication within your own crew during all tasks. Coordination through communication is key on any active construction site.


Heavy Equipment Aptitude


Heavy equipment is a staple in the construction industry, but a dangerous component to work in close quarters with. In fact, dozens of workers are killed or injured each year by runovers and even backovers. By practicing aptitude - the ability to operate proficiently as well as be highly aware of such surrounding equipment, everyone is made much safer. To really boost competence and safety here, consider equipment training for employees such as that offered by schools like the Advanced Heavy Vehicle Training Centre.




It's easy to become cluttered in your work area on the site. Tools, materials, trash - it all piles up quickly. Rather than allowing too much accumulation, at the very least, orchestrate an end-of-the-day cleanup drive among all employees so that the next day always resumes more organized and less prone to trips, falls, collapses, and other detracting events.


Cord Control


Finally, don't forget the spaghetti mess of cords that can easily overtake any job-site. Much of this is unavoidable as workers must stay mobile with corded equipment. However, with more permanently-placed cords and other lines, try to organize them together, strapped tight to the floor and/or wall throughout their run. This will absolutely save on injuries and other problems.

Construction work is all about large-scale progress. It's also about staying safe while forging ahead in the name of that progress. By following tips like the five discussed here, your job-site and immediate working environment therein will be much safer and more efficient for everyone.


By: Lizzie Weakley